Eye Glasses and Hearing Aids Recycling
Ithaca Lions collect used eyeglasses and hearing aids. The eyeglasses are sorted, sized, and are sent to third world countries where they are given to people who may not only have never owned eye glasses, but probably have never been to an eye doctor before.

         Used hearing aids are recycled . The money received for them help provide new basic hearing aids for people in the western part of New York State who otherwise cannot afford them. So, please bring your unused hearing aids and eyeglasses to any of our functions or give them to any of our members. We will make sure that they are put to good use. Or drop them off at these sites: most opticians in Ithaca area or Lifelong 119 W. Court St.

            An Open Letter to the Ithaca Community

The Ithaca Lions Club would like to thank the Ithaca community for supporting our Lions Recycle for Sight used eyeglasses collection program. Each year since 2002 we have collected more than 2,000 pairs of unwanted eyeglasses and sunglasses for those in need in developing countries.

The donated specs have been sent to our regional eyeglass recycling center where they are cleaned, sorted by prescription and prepared for distribution by Lions and other groups.

By taking the time to give us your glasses, you have helped to improve the life of someone in need. In most developing nations, eye care is either unaffordable or inaccessible. And for many, poor eyesight that is left uncorrected can lead to unemployment for adults and a child's inability to attend school.

The Ithaca Lions Club would also like to express our appreciation to the many businesses and for contributing to the project's success by serving as convenient drop-off centers.

People who did not get the chance to donate their glasses but would still like to, or those interested in learning more about other Lions Club activities, send us an email.

Thanks again for sharing our vision of helping others to see.


Lion Linda Shaff, president
Ithaca Lions Club

        Why Give Glasses and Where do they Go?

               questions, comments or suggetions email Lion Rich Shaff
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Ithaca Lions Club ... chartered 1951
Linda Shaff, president
Ithaca Lions Club ... chartered 1951
Linda Shaff, president
Where can I donate my old eye glasses or hearing aids?
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